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Wasp control – treatments and risks

Don’t everything you read on Facebook, Wasps serve very little purpose to us with the exception of eating other garden insects. If you have wasps or a wasp nest on your property then Wasp Control Derby would strongly recommend you have it treated and destroyed, as the risks wasps can cause far out-weighs the cost.


Wasp stings

The wasp sting or more specifically wasp venom is a highly evolved biological weapon. If a person is allergic to insect stings and they get stung by a Wasp, Hornet or Bee the venom can cause anaphylactic shock. This is an allergic reaction, and for some people can make then seriously ill, and in extremely cases cause death.

Even if you don’t haven an allergic reaction, anyone can receive a lethal dose of wasp venom if stung enough times. If you are known to be allergic then it is advisable to keep well away from the vicinity of a wasp, wasp nest, bee or hornet.

The danger with wasp stings and anaphylaxis is that you may not know you are , sometimes allergic until you’ve been stung. If you are stung and start to feel unwell, then you should seek medical attention immediately.

wasp control derby
A wasp roaming around n Derby.

How to treat wasp stings

If you are stung by a wasp, the wasp doesn’t die like a bee so the wasp can sting you repeatedly. The venom is painful at first, but after some minutes the initial burning sensation will calm down and the sting will become itchy. There are some sprays and creams available to ease the effects of a wasp or bee stings. It is wise to keep one or two of these treatments in your first aid kit as a precaution through the summer.

There is a higher risk of being stung by wasp in late summer simply because there are a higher number of wasps and food sources become scarce. At this time of year wasps become a problem in pub gardens and other social events which bring them into closer contact with humans equalling more people being stung.

When a Wasp, Hornet or Bee stings you, it emits a different type of pheromone. These chemical messages are very fast acting and signal danger to other wasps/bees to make them join in the attack. This is when things can become extremely dangerous and is why we would always recommend hiring a professional to eradicate your wasps.

Derby Wasp Control guarantee to remove and kill all wasps on your home/business, and if for any reason the first treatment fails then we will come back free of charge to treat them again. Contact us now to solve your wasp nest problem.